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Who We Are

Our team has a diverse range of skills to help your organization thrive.

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Economics of Well-Being

Mark is an economic strategist specializing in measuring the well-being and happiness of nations, communities and businesses. Mark holds three degrees from the University of Alberta: Economics (1981), Forest Science (1984), and Masters of Science in Forest Economics (1991). For ten years (2003-2012) he was professor of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship at the University of Alberta’s School of Business.
He has lectured internationally on the economics of happiness and well-being in Canada, the US, China, Tahiti, The Netherlands and Austria.

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Governance and Legislation - Processes, Advice and Services

Mr. Belke has worked in a variety of roles in municipal governance resulting in a unique, well-rounded understanding of the processes and challenges faced by municipalities.  For nine years he was the Chief Legislative Officer of a city in Alberta and for 18 years he provided advice and services to municipalities in various professional positions with Alberta Municipal Affairs.  He was also elected to Council of an Alberta town for four terms, and has served in various committee and volunteer positions. 
Chris currently provides advice and services in the areas of legislation, governance, elections, bylaws and policies to governments and non-profit organizations.



Facilitation & Evaluation

Lindsay brings her insightful problem solving and a drive for excellence to her diverse clients and is viewed as a leader in strategic planning, evaluation, communications and facilitation.
As a skilled executive she works in community and economic development, strategic and business planning in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors locally, nationally and internationally.
Lindsay is an International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) trained public and stakeholder engagement practitioner and has been a Thought Leader Associate with the Tamarack Institute focusing on systems and community change since 2014. She  is also a sought after public speaker, MC and moderator and has presented nationally and internationally on a variety of topics.

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Engagement Expert and Professional Development Provider

Maria deBruijn is a much sought after critical thinker and consummate problem solver, with over 20 years of achieving successful outcomes. Maria has advised and supported many organizations in enhancing their internal and external engagement efforts, specializing in corporate planning initiatives. She is an approved curriculum developer and instructor with the University of Alberta, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and the Charter Professionals of Human Resources Association.
Maria is an International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) trained public and stakeholder engagement practitioner and holds a Master’s degree in Communications and Technology from the University of Alberta.

Glynis Middleton, BMus, MBA, CMC, DCFP (candidate)

Development Finance and Planning

Glynis is a consulting professional who specializes in finance, business planning, business process improvement, and strategy. She advises in the areas of development finance, which is the intersection where finance and strategy meet. Her dynamic business career started in banking and transitioned into consulting for private and public enterprises. Glynis has influenced billions of dollars through development funding, economic impact analysis, and planning in a wide variety of sectors including arts and culture, banking, commercial and institutional construction, health, information systems, municipal planning, not-for-profit, fabricating, oil and gas, retail, telecommunications, and urban development. She uses her comprehensive experience to deliver strategic, stakeholder focused solutions. Glynis also has a passion for social justice and is seeking change for the better.



Planning, Communications and Facilitation

Carissa is a writer, speaker and trained facilitator. With her collaborative, strengths-based approach, she helps clients develop achievable strategic and communications plans. Her experience spans senior leadership positions in non-profit and government sectors. Her facilitation techniques and strategic advice is sharpened by her work as a journalist, publicist and senior political advisor. She is trained in IAP2. 
As a writer, her essays have captured magazine awards and been anthologized. Her debut book, Little Yellow House: Finding Community in a Changing Neighbourhood (University of Alberta Press, 2018), was a finalist for the Edmonton Book Prize. She is a member of the Speaker’s Bureau of Canada, and is a experienced presenter at conferences, Professional Development days and in-house trainings.



Strategic Planning

Ian lives in the space between appointed or elected officials and organizations’ managers. Since 2000, Ian has worked on governance and structural reviews, strategy development and implementation, and orientations or refreshers for boards of directors and elected officials. He has done this both as an employee of government and as a business adviser in the private sector, working for himself and others.
As a nationally recognized Certified Management Consultant (CMC) his areas of interest include local government, libraries, post-secondary education, health, non-profit organizations and community safety.



Budgeting and Finance

Kelly has extensive experience in pushing the boundaries of strategic planning and building alignment with organizational functions.  Kelly has been and will continue to be a public servant. To Kelly, this means embracing a passion for people, for community and for all the potential there is when it all comes together. 

 Kelly uses Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) as a foundation to support organizations through their strategic planning process. One designed  to empower a team and outfit them with the tools, knowledge and passion they need to succeed. Knowing their vision with absolute clarity and allocating their resources to maximize value.

Mark Anielski
Chris Belke
Lindsay Daniller
Maria deBruijn
Carissa Halton
Ian McCormack
Kelly Rudyk
Glynis Middleton


High Performance & Innovation Coach

Kim has a passion for coaching local government professionals that are on a high-performing organization (HPO) journey. She also works with professionals who are focusing on the integration of innovation and lean practices in their service delivery. Her work over the past 20 years has spanned working with local governments across North America. This includes leading efforts as a practitioner, her tenure as Chief Operating Officer at the Alliance for Innovation, and as a business consultant. Her passion is to bring together the elements of organizational culture, alignment, and talent in a fashion that drives sustained innovation and improvement in service of exceptional quality of life for all community members.

Kim Bradford
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