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Welcome to Lodgepole Consulting Collective

Value-based, unique, innovative approach

that changes how people think about

collective well-being.

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What We Do

As a full service consultancy, we are industry leaders helping organizations build thriving communities. We advise local leaders and community organizations solving complex problems. Our relationship-based approach brings people together, builds trust and creates interdisciplinary and adaptive solutions to a wide variety of management and political challenges. By asking the tough questions in a safe space, we help you develop solutions based on your existing competitive advantages. Our work together will help you build more effective processes, clearly demonstrate value and make better informed decisions that lead to meaningful services for your community members.

What We Do

By Partnering With Us, You Will Achieve:

Professional Growth

Greater Effectiveness

and Efficiency 

Relevant policy and process development, governance strategy and models, fiscal and priority alignment that supports meaningful program and service delivery.

Team Talk


Clarity and Cohesion

Effective communication strategies, involving the right people at the right time in the right ways, and a path forward that is evidence-based and well supported.

Business Partners at Work



Consistent evaluation practices and capacity building.

Our Values

How We Work

  • Relationship driven

  • Collaborative

  • Strength-based

  • Adaptive

  • Client-directed

  • Interdisciplinary

Our Values

Our Services



Conducting evaluations on programs and services will help you know whether they are providing the value you want them to. Through an evaluative framework built into program design you will know what success looks like and how to address potential gaps.

Group Lecture

Public Engagement

Supporting both better informed decisions and more informed citizenry.

Giving a Presentation


Providing Professional Development, Governance and Council Orientations.

Business Meeting

Leadership Coaching

Strengthening leaders to lead well.

Business Meeting

Reviews and Assessments

Expect well-researched and written reviews that include recommendations on improving operations, governance, services, bylaw and policy development.

Business Meeting

Facilitation and Resolution

We lead courageous conversations that achieve cooperative municipal agreements to improved team decision making processes.

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning

From business planning, performance measurement and reporting, and visionary budgeting development, we can support your planning processes to be efficient, data-informed and collaborative.

Public Speaker

Communications Strategy and Training

By creating effective communications processes and developing realistic communications plans, we can support your internal and external communications. Public relations and issues management is also available.

Our Services

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